Watch your thoughts become beautiful words on the page...

Amaze your guests as the words seem to flow directly from your heart!

"Wow!! Ronnie is the best!! I just sent her bits and pieces of stories of the honoree and she made them into such clever rhymes. A sheer delight! Thanks for the Memories!"
-- Bonnie C.

"Working with Ronnie for our son's Bar Mitzvah made a daunting task seem easy. Her poems were extremely personalized and showed the relationships that our son had with each of the people he was having light a candle. She conveniently came to our house and after sitting with us and our son, sent us a draft of our poems. She was very receptive to any changes that we wanted made and was quick to send us the final copy. It was an absolute pleasure working with Ronnie and we will definitely be using her again for our daugher's upcoming Bat Mitzvah!"
--Amy and Michael L.

"I received a beautiful poem from my daughter for my birthday that was written by Ronnie Diller. Through Ronnie's words, I actually felt my daugher touch my heart. It was the best birthday gift a mother could ever ask for! Ronnie's writing is expressive and inspirational! Many thanks, Ronnie Diller!"
--Rosemary N.

"Ronnie has written four amazing poems for me that I read aloud to my husband and guests on special occasions. Ronnie is wonderful to work with and picks up on exactly what you want to say and the tone in which you want to say it. She filled my poems with all the references i gave her and also portrayed the humor I asked for. She was extremely easy to work with every step of the way. She was responsive to all my changes, deletions and additions. In short, I loved working with Ronnie! She is remarkably talented and in all four poems, I couldn't have said it any better myself!"
--Karen K.

"My son was getting his first set of car keys to a new car from my husband and myself and since it was such a special event I asked Ronnie to write a poem expressing our feelings for our son. Ronnie was able to perfectly put into words our deepest emotions to express our love, pride and joy.  I would highly recommend Ronnie to write for anyone and for any situation. She has a fantastic knack for words and is truly a pleasure  to work with. She is funny, empathic, and able to easily express ideas and feelings into such meaningful poetry." 
--Shelley and Mitchell E.

"Ronnie was a terrific help when it came to delivering a spectacular candle lighting ceremony for my daughter's Bat Mtizvah party. It was a great pleasure to work with such a creative and professional individual. her expertise really made the task much easier to accomplish!"
--Sandra S.
"Ronnie came highly recommended to us and we were very happy to work with her. She helped craft writing poems for both of my daughters' Sweet 16 candle ceremony. Each poem was special and were a big hit! Ronnie was professional and prompt. WE would totally use her again!"
Kathy M.

Writer and Poem Creator in Farmingdale, NY

It requires a special skill to take the words which exist in the heart of another and use them to craft a lyrical expression of their feelings. Ronnie Diller has that very rare gift. It is almost as if she can bridge the thoughts and emotions of her clients and use her talent to bring life to the ideas and insights which they hold close.

Ronnie is ready to create, for you, a beautifully written  poem for a special someone. Contact her today if you need an experienced poem creator in Farmingdale, NY, and a professional writer.

In times of joy and heightened emotions, it can be hard to come up with the words which accurately portray the depth of your love, gratitude, appreciation, excitement, and joy. Ronnie supplies the words you need for those occasions. She applies her gifts as a wordsmith to any event or moment, regardless if it’s a happy one such as a landmark birthday or the time to say goodbye to loved one, she is equally adept at capturing the essence of the moment.

The poetic creations crafted by Ronnie delve into the energy of the moment to bring forth imagery that stands as a testament to the uniqueness of the person and the special place they hold in the hearts of others. This is a dramatic turnaround of “a picture is worth a thousand words” because the value of Ronnie’s poems is well beyond the range of any untold number of photos, hers are images of the purest sort. 

Contact Ronnie to take advantage of her special gift with words. She is happy to serve clients in Farmingdale, NY, and beyond.