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Ronnie Diller

Published Writer for all your writing needs!

Contact me today if you need a professional writer to craft a beautiful poem, speech, or toast for your special occasion. Candle lighting poems are my specialty!
Through Sheer Poetry, my personal writing service, I give clients the voice they need for some of life’s most important occasions. My work as a  poet for hire in Farmingdale, NY, centers on creating personalized pieces that serve as illuminating sketches of their subjects. They can express a wide range of emotions and sentiments, including: 


No matter the situation or the feelings involved, I apply my skills as a professional writer to give you the right words for the occasion. Most importantly, I understand that every poem needs a sense of authenticity. Though I apply a skillset learned through years of formal writing, the spark at the core of my work is the same inspiration and drive that first brought me to the craft -- a passion for the power of language.

The Poem Writer You Can Count On

Over the years, I’ve lent my words to everything from birthday parties to retirement celebrations. It’s given me a wide perspective on the events people experience throughout a lifetime and how they impact the relationships that my subjects share with others. Every time I progress on a poem, I do so with the understanding that my work can make a lifelong difference.

In fact, I hope it does. I want your care and commitment to shine through my pieces so clearly that the people who matter most to you only feel how much you share with them when the time comes for a reading or presentation. Whether you need bat mitzvah candle lighting poems or the right speech for a major life decision, I’m here to help.

Contact me to get the right words for your occasion. I proudly serve Farmingdale, NY, and the surrounding areas.