My interest in writing began in an adult education course I took when I was pregnant with my first child. After my first piece was published in a major local newspaper, I realized that not only did I enjoy writing but it also served as a conduit to my inner self. I began the journey of writing personal essays and journaling, using words to express and explore my dreams, hopes and experiences.

When that first child was graduating Hebrew School in 1997, he was in charge of distributing gifts for the teachers
at the graduating ceremony. I thought to myself, "he can't just hand them out - he has to say something about the teacher." So I asked him to give me some details about each teacher and I wrote a little poem about each one, which he proudly read at the ceremony. At the reception, when parents found out I was the creator of those poems, it was strongly and repeatedly suggested that I start a writing business writing candle lighting Bar and Bat Mitzvah poems! I was reluctant at first but when I got my first client and she loved the poems I wrote for her son, my writing career took another direction.

And so Sheer Poetry was born. I began writing not only candle lighting poems for Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties, but also for Sweet 16 parties. Eventually, my poems were requested as unique gifts for special birthdays, anniversaries, for an honoree at a retirement party and even to accompany a set of car keys given to a teenage son about to receive his first car! 

To me, my poems have one purpose regardless of the occasion - to compose, in detail, a sketch of a person including not only who they are but how they have affected another person. Whether that person is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah child,
an spouse or a collegague, the poems tell a story with different essential details. They celebrate the person and illustrate the effect they have had on others in their life. 

My writing seems to have evolved through a natural progession of life - from poems honoring family and friends at a  Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Sweet 16, to those "big" birthdays and anniversaries, to wedding vows and, sometimes, even to eulogies.  No matter the occasion, I help people express their feelings about a loved one. That is the source of the joy Sheer Poetry has given me.

I also write toasts and speeches as well. In the past, I have written the most creative presentation for a wedding and also the most innovative speech/poem combination for a corporate event. Yes, I can do it all!

So now almost 20 years and many hundreds of poems and clients later, I am proudly launching my new website - I am anxiously waiting to hear from you, ready to help with your poem or speech needs and to hear ABOUT YOU!

Please email me or give me a call. I am at your service!

Ronnie Diller

Professional Writer in Farmingdale, NY

When you need someone to help you communicate feelings, ideas, or emotions to someone special or an audience of your peers, Ronnie is here to help. Contact her today when you need a professional writer in Farmingdale, NY.